What is a monofilament in a wig or toupee?

Posted by Robert Cook on 4/11/2017 to Informational
A monofilament top or mono-top wig will have a transparent or flesh colored woven material made from nylon, polyester or lace material on the top (full crown) of the wig. Each individual fiber or natural hair is hand knotted (the best) or v injected into this material. This allows for the most natural realistic looking scalp appearance and will allow you to change the parting for multiple styles. Monofilament wigs, unlike most wigs, are not made with cloth or wefts (Known as full cap or capless wigs) and are not as heavy or as hot to wear. Monofilament is found in top piece, closures, men's toupee's as well as full wigs.

The Monofilament top

Posted by Jonathan on 4/11/2017 to News
The Monofilament top

This cap features monofilament in the top area and a 100% hand tied base, resulting in the most natural looking hair movement for the entire wig and the versatility of amazing off-the-face styling. In (Figure #2) are three examples of a monofilament top.

From left to right...

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