The Ins and Outs of Lung Cancer - pt. 2

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Can you live with one lung? The answer to this question is an astounding yes, however, conditions in the healthy lung have to be perfect for an average to good life expectancy. The effected lung is removed by a process called pneumonectomy. It is a very complicated procedure because they have to re-route your entire respiratory system similar to a heart by pass . There is no difference in functionality between the right and left lung. They both operate the same. During this very complicated operation (Pneumonectomy), there is so much to consider such as...

The Ins and Outs of Lung Cancer - pt. 1

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The Ins and Outs of Lung Cancer - pt. 1

March… (Lung cancer awareness month)  

I want to start with a story of a beautiful women named Janie Proia who lived with us for almost 6 years. She came to our home and rented a room from us, after a series of broken promises from her ex husband. She had left him 15 years prior, and he never honored the conditions of the divorce court. He changed his name, moved every 6 months and avoided the law. She left him due to his drug use because she wanted to become clean and sober and he didn't. Because of her drug use 15 years prior, she was put on a list, you know, that list where hospitals and doctors use as a warning of drug abuser’s(even though she had been clean and sober for 15 years).She had no family to speak of, so we became her family...

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