Beware of Counterfeit Wig Websites

Posted by Jonathan on 4/16/2016 to News

Counterfeit Wigs Abound on the Internet

Please be aware that there are many websites selling counterfeit wigs of inferior quality. As far as we can tell, these sites are all based in China. Many women are enticed by the seemingly very low prices, and do not realize what they are getting until the shoddy merchandise arrives. We Americans care about not only price, but quality as well and when we don't get that quality, with these sites, it's too late.

In an effort to

How Do I Get My Wig Paid for if I Have Medical Induced Hair Loss?

Posted by Jonathan on 4/9/2016 to News
First, let's start with what medically induced hair loss is.( MIHL) is hair loss that is caused by any medical condition such as Cancer, Alopecia, tetracyclominia, or even medications which cause hair loss. The first step to do is to talk to your doctor to see how fast you will lose your hair...

Til Death Do Us Part

Posted by Jonathan on 3/31/2016 to Health

We at AJ's Wigs have heard many stories and walked many journeys with thousands of clients. The words in the title, as we all know, are a part of every traditional wedding vow. These words, however, should also be a part of every relationship, whether it,s your sister, brother, life-long friend, mother, father, and on and on. In most cases, we have witnessed this to be true.

About 5 years ago, this husband and wife came in and while Bob worked on her new wig, I noticed her husband in the waiting room with his head down and his hands over his face. Now anyone who knows us knows that we consider AJ's Wigs as a ministry, so I did what I would do for most families. I went into the waiting room, put my hand on his shoulder, and said, “It's going to be ok”. He raised his head, looked at me, and said: ”Are you kidding, I can't wait for the bixxh to die”. I couldn't believe my ears! I honestly thought he was kidding. In shock, I said, “What?”. He repeated his words. I got up, grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him out of the salon! Outside, I told (yelled, to be honest) at him that no matter what, he had a God-given responsibility to love his wife to the end, no matter what trouble was in their relationship. I went back into the salon and asked God to forgive him. I didn't know their history, nor was it any of my business except to pray for both of them. She had only a few months left, and here her husband couldn't wait to get rid of her?! Normally, I wouldn't mention something like this in a blog, but it seemed to me to be the perfect experience to set up the love, commitment and just plain devotion most families have for each other showing the opposite of what this one man was like.

It is well known throughout our community that

What are the differences of home color verses professional color?

Posted by Jonathan on 3/24/2016 to Health

Ahhhh, you see a women in a store, better yet, the parking lot of the grocery store. A gentle wind blows her hair and her shimmering locks are aglow with shine, health, and beautiful highlights. You get home, unload your groceries, and on the counter sits a $7.00 box of home color with the big words on the front of the box: shimmer... shine, luster and ammonia free. After all, you stood in the color isle at the store for almost 15 minutes looking at hundreds of boxes trying to match your color.

But before we talk about anything else, let's talk about the “monster in the room”. Cost/budget/money. Stating the obvious, there are a lot of people who cannot afford to go to the salon and pay $50-$100.00 for a cut and color. Now, the real monster is that the average family goes out to dinner at least once or twice a week. They save money for vacation and college tuition's, and even go out to night clubs, buys new shoes, new shirts and pants, and on and on. Yet very few women have beauty budgets for themselves. But there sits the $7.00-$12.00 box of home color guaranteeing professional results.

Over my career as a color specialist and stylist, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars learning to give each and every client the results each box guarantee's, and yet still, I'm not always perfect all of the time

You have 6 months to live, Get your affairs in order

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As our Facebook family knows, we at AJ's Wigs work primarily with cancer patients, and sometimes, during consultations, we meet someone who has been told by their doctors the above words in the title. We rely on our doctors to guide us through this journey. We look to them to help us and heal us. When we hear the above words, one cannot help but think... “We can put a man on the moon, but you cannot save my life.”

A few years ago, a beautiful woman in her early 40's walked into AJ's Wigs with her sister. She was bitter,

How Long Does a Wig Last?

Posted by Jonathan on 3/5/2016

how long does a wig last?

Wigs last's depending on how you take care of them. It also depends on the quality of several other things such as, quality of cap, quality of hair and if you purchased it for daily use or for the occasional special event.

Most of our clients at AJ's Wigs come in for daily use wigs due to cancer or alopecia. I know we have touched on this in a previous blog, but we can't say it enough, treat your wigs as though it were gold, and it will treat you well and last you a while.

Wig Fashion Madness

Posted by Jonathan on 3/2/2016 to Wig Care
"Entertainment tonight" featured a segment on daily fashion wigs a few weeks ago which fits with my blog the week before (see fashion wigs). As Ive said in my previous blog, more and more men and women are wearing Wigs or hairpieces as part of their daily life. If you walk in the mall,really look at people's hair as you will start to notice who is wearing one and who isn't. Some styles you can tell are wigs which means that they either picked out the wrong style for their face shape, or the piece was not costumed.

The Male Hair Loss Revolution

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Bald is sexy, bald is beautiful…. We have all heard this haven’t we? When I was young, I had hair that most men and women would die for. It was bright red, with a slight beautiful curl, thick, luxurious and the envy of all my friends in highschool and college. Women would come up to me in the mall and tell me i had beautiful hair and asked me if my red was natural or did i color it. I was not the model type, if you know what i mean in the looks department, so my hair was everything to me.

How do I take care of my wig?

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The first thing you need to remember is that if you have purchased a synthetic wig, that synthetic is made of fiber. So just like a sweater, you must treat it delicately...

Wig Obsession

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With fashion wigs coming back fast and furious into fashion, we find ourselves, as New England's largest medical grade wig salon, having to add fashion wigs to our already large selection of wigs. But why?

I know that my mom, grandmother and aunts all used to wear wigs in the 1960's and 70's. We used to make fun of them. We would even take their wigs and run around the house with my dad, wearing them, laughing and joking around. But with fashion pieces coming back in huge popularity, I have to ask myself an important question: Were the ladies in my family so crazy, so vain as to wear a wig out in public rather than go out in public "au naturale"?

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