Wig Obsession

Posted by Jonathan on 3/2/2016 to News
With fashion wigs coming back fast and furious into fashion, we find ourselves, as New England's largest medical grade wig salon, having to add fashion wigs to our already large selection of wigs. But why?

I know that my mom, grandmother and aunts all used to wear wigs in the 1960's and 70's. We used to make fun of them. We would even take their wigs and run around the house with my dad, wearing them, laughing and joking around. But with fashion pieces coming back in huge popularity, I have to ask myself an important question: Were the ladies in my family so crazy, so vain as to wear a wig out in public rather than go out in public "au naturale"?

Women's lives have not changed in the last 30 years when you think about it. Women today still want to look great, even if that means not working with what nature gave them (or didn"t give them): having curly hair when they wanted straight, short hair when they wanted longer. Women today still have kids, jobs, run homes and big corporations. They have busy lives just like us men have.

I know that my mom used to have to get up very early to wash, blow dry, curl, set and make her hair perfect for church or family gatherings.She used to complain it took her at least an hour to do just her hair.Then she got smart (her words, not mine) and purchased a wig at the encouragement of my grandmother. What a relief it was to her; to be able to get up, put on a perfectly styled wig, get into the car with the kids and go out. I mean, no one knew she had one on!

AJ's Wigs has always been in the forefront of the wig business. Even as early as 1936, AJ Houle opened the nation's largest wig company, employing a team of 30 seamstresses and wig masters working full-time, sending wigs all over the country. We even today, carry on that tradition.

Recently, I sat down with my Mom and asked her the "emotion" of always having perfect hair when she owned a wig back in the 60's. What she said surprised even me! She said... CONFIDENCE. The second thing she stressed was time management. With three kids, horses, competitions and being the wife of a very well known musician, it was just easier and less stressful to know that she would always look great .I asked her what, if any, downsides to wearing a wig. She said that wigs were heavy, hot in the summer, and less secure . She said that on windy days, she always feared her wig would come off or move on her head.

Fast forward from the 60's and 70's. Wigs today are lightweight, breathable, and a lot more secure. They are form fitting enough where we have clients who swim, jump on their motorcycles, and dance the night away at special events. Further, if you purchase your wig or hair pieces from a reputable wig salon such as Ajs Wigs, where we customize everything we do, then your wig will fit perfectly. Although AJ' s Wigs has dealt with cancer patients in the last two decades, we are now adding a whole selection in our salon as well as on our new web site, which we are launching January 1st, 2016.

These days, with women and men wearing hair pieces as part of "the art of fashion" (like a scarf , tie or pair of designer pants) you would be hard pressed to know who has one and who doesn't. After all, there is nothing like the comfort and feel of wearing.. CONFIDENCE.