Wig Fashion Madness

Posted by Jonathan on 3/2/2016 to Wig Care


"Entertainment tonight" featured a segment on daily fashion wigs a few weeks ago which fits with my blog the week before (see fashion wigs). As Ive said in my previous blog, more and more men and women are wearing Wigs or hairpieces as part of their daily life. If you walk in the mall,really look at people's hair as you will start to notice who is wearing one and who isn't. Some styles you can tell are wigs which means that they either picked out the wrong style for their face shape, or the piece was not costumed.

Entertainment Tonight called it (Wig madness) which is hitting more than Hollywood, especially human hair lace front wigs which give the appearance of a natural forehead.Of course, if you purchase where the stars buy their wigs, you will pay $10.000 and up for lace front human hair and let's be realistic, most people don't have the money that the stars have.

Fashion pieces have become part of people's daily lives. One star reported she had over 30 wigs, one singer said she had a trailer behind her tour bus just for her wigs and another, said she has a walk-in closet for hers, but the one thing in common that they are all saying is, that in today's age, the thinking has changed. It is shoes, lipstick and wigs when they do their check list before leaving the house.

But again,most people do not have money for 30 human hair wigs do they? Let alone one $3000 wig unless you have cancer and your insurance will cover it... But where do you get a wig that is natural, moves and looks real and is comfortable to wear everyday?

First, let's start with the differences of wig quality..... You can purchase a wig from Walmart , believe it or not, Sally's beauty supply and in some states, drug stores, but these wigs are made to last one, maybe two wearings due to the low quality fiber, the way they are sewn and the low quality cap. These wigs are anywhere between $30 and $50.00

Second and higher up the "wig chain" are your COSPLAY WIGS worn by players who go to conventions dressed in character costumes such as anime or pop culture. The cap construction is still very cheap as is the synthetic fiber. I will say, that they come in really fun colors (as well as regular colors) such as pinks, blues, purples. These wigs can be used multiple times to events but are still not made for everyday wear. The cost of these are usually between $10.00 and $100.00

Next up on the Wig chain, are your everyday wear synthetic wigs which have a high quality synthetic fiber(some even come in synthetic human hair mixes for a more natural look).The cap construction is higher quality whether it's a machine piece or a mono filament.But even these have a shelf life of 3-5 months if worn everyday. If you let a professional wig salon such as Aj's Wigs refurbish and recondition every two months, you can even stretch the shelf life to 3-9 months. These wigs usually cost between $150.00 to $500.00


Most often, these are called medical grade wigs because of their high quality synthetic mixes such as we carry here at AjsWigs. THE CAPS THE LIMIT... I say this because the caps are made to perfection. They are breathable, lightweight, hand tied and are the definition of comfort. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.Most wigs for everyday use are monofilament, meaning they have a real scalp appearance on the crown, and small wefts which are virtually invisible due to the density of the hair on the sides and back making them look realistic.Now that you into the higher quality fibers and high quality sewing, we here at AjsWigs call these memory fiber wigs, so even if you wash them, they go right back into the style with ease.These wigs are usually between $200.00 and $1000.00 . $1000 being more of (custom made)


If You have the budget, hand tied capped monofilament human hair is the best you can ever hope to get in realism , natural movement, longevity and every day wear. however, there are many types of qualities when it comes to human hair, and if your looking for something that will last you a long time and be worth your investment, always purchase these from a reputable wigs salon such as Ajswigs As hair can be graded just like diamonds are. It is virtually impossible to tell the quality of human hair from a photo which is why i suggest to you, if your looking to make the most of your investment, you must go to a Wig salon or order from a wig salon.

Cuticle, non cuticle, virgin, mono top, hand tied, hair from China, hair from Brazil, European hair and on and on. It all gets very confusing unless you actually sit down with a wig master or specialist so they can show you the differences.

Having an everyday wear wig is an investment but its like putting on a pair of comfortable shoes, the perfect lip stick color, the perfect eye shadow which lifts and deepens your eyes, or for men, especially us older men , the difference between looking your professional best or someone who just shaves his head . I'm even going to be so bold as to say, that many who have been looking for a job and cannot find one, purchased a wig and low and behold, were hired right away realizing that their fine or thinning hair was not complimentary to their over all appearance.