Why do wigs tangle and "Fray"

Posted by Jonathan on 3/2/2016

The other day, we had a wonderful funny couple come into the salon and she complained, that she purchased for years, wigs both on line and in Haverhill Mass. She complained that even her $50.00 wigs don't last 2 to 3 weeks and she is tired of spending thousands a year on wigs that don't last.

Her husband was behind her waving his hands mouthing the words "because she teases her wigs". I could not help it, I went from looking at the client and seriously listening to her concerns, but once my eye hit her husband, i bust into gales of laughter.She looked at me and asked me what i was laughing at. with tearsof laughter in my eyes, i betrayed her husband and told her i was laughing at what her husband said.

This brought me to the idea of this blog.Why do synthetic wigs tear or frey? Think of your synthetic wig as a delicate sweater. Standing in front of this client, i went behind the desk, grabbed a pair of scissors , opened them up and took the scissors to my sweater and rubbed it up and down, up and down and said to her..... Synthetic is nothing but fiber, if i keep rubbing my sweater with these scissors, within 20 minutes, there will be a huge hole in it.

Her eyes widened and went, Oh, is that why they are not lasting? The other problem is, when you purchase a $50.00 wig as compared to a $200-$500 wig, Im here to tell you, with all sincerity, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. But if you chose to purchase a cheaper synthetic wig, it's like the difference of a k-mart sweater to a Ralph Lauren sweater. The fibers are totally different.The sewing is different. One is higher quality and one is lower quality.

However, whether its a high or low quality fiber wig, you have to treat them the same. Be gentle and treat them like you would a hand washed expensive sweater.First off, do not use a cheap shampoo.(an over the counter brand). Use either a wig shampoo specifically designed for wigs or a professional shampoo with no sulfates, low alcohol and moisturizing properties. At Ajs Wigs, we recommend Same thing with conditioner, however...hat is a synthetic wig made of? Answer?? Again...FIBER.... what is the best fiber conditioner?... Fabric softener. Wow, something cheap and affective as fabric softener will condition your synthetic wig perfectly.Again, after all, it is fiber.

But, How should I style it or set it?

Purchasing a wig online sight unseen is risky at best, because, unless the site is blogging or sending specific instructions, one cannot begin to know the "tricks of the trade" so to speak. I have talked about the "make up" of a synthetic wig and about how to take care of it, setting a wig and styling a wig is a whole different ball game..

First of all, remember, its fiber. If i have to say it a thousand times, synthetic is fiber fiber fiber. It breaks easily and tangles easily , especially the cheap $50.00 wigs. The best time to "pick" out your wig is while the conditioner is still in it. I say "pick" because i fear the words brush or comb out when talking about fiber. The best tool to use is a wig brush which is specifically designed for synthetics. A Perm pic can also be used, but never a comb.Once you have "picked" out your wig, gently rinse the conditioner, blot dry and put on your wig rack and let dry over night. DO NOT USE HAIR DRYERS TO DRY YOUR WIG. No heat, even low heat, should be used .

Most synthetic wigs (excluding the cheap costume wigs), are memory fiber and the best possible way you could ever style your wig, is with your fingers. Use your fingers as a styling tool and with the more expensive wigs, the memory fiber will fall into place allowing you to fall in love with the wig that you fell in love with to begin with. remember, at Ajs Wigs, hair is an emotion. Treat your wig as you would your husband or wife, with love, care and respect....... Jonathan.. Ajs Wigs