What to do when "All of a Sudden" your Insurance Company Starts Denying your Claims

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   What to do when
Imagine!  You are in the middle of life saving treatments for..... say, Breast / Colon/ Brain cancer.  The insurance has approved everything and, all of a sudden, they stop.

 Imagine! The only way to monitor your disease progression is via PET/CT, but insurance denies the request.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Imagine that your oncologist fought with the insurance company's doctors and all he got was “that you no longer meet criteria”.  Criteria?

Why Chemotherapy works for some but not others

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Why Chemotherapy works for some but not others

Why chemotherapy works for some but not for all. Alternative treatments.

I have worked in the chemistry of biological molecules (biochemistry) my whole life, but not in cancer research or cell biology. So after I got 2 cancers I am educating myself (and others) about cancer by reading original research papers.
1. Do we need to strengthen our immune system to fight cancer?

Oh lord, Not again

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Oh lord, Not again

Oh LORD Not Again

(A personal story)

Most of us deal with things in our own way, some outwardly and some inwardly. Some of us get mad and emotional, some of us get cold and silent. And yet the results are often the same as we are human and always want to feel like there is a higher power up there that is not only listening, but loves us with all his heart. There are many things we do not understand in life, even us expert's like our staff at AJ's Wigs. As much as we deal with cancer every day, sometimes I find myself asking, Oh God, why?

As all of you know by now, the owner of Aj's Wigs has battled cancer for almost 13 years. For 6 years, Bob battled Colon and testicular cancer and when he

Til Death Do Us Part

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We at AJ's Wigs have heard many stories and walked many journeys with thousands of clients. The words in the title, as we all know, are a part of every traditional wedding vow. These words, however, should also be a part of every relationship, whether it,s your sister, brother, life-long friend, mother, father, and on and on. In most cases, we have witnessed this to be true.

About 5 years ago, this husband and wife came in and while Bob worked on her new wig, I noticed her husband in the waiting room with his head down and his hands over his face. Now anyone who knows us knows that we consider AJ's Wigs as a ministry, so I did what I would do for most families. I went into the waiting room, put my hand on his shoulder, and said, “It's going to be ok”. He raised his head, looked at me, and said: ”Are you kidding, I can't wait for the bixxh to die”. I couldn't believe my ears! I honestly thought he was kidding. In shock, I said, “What?”. He repeated his words. I got up, grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him out of the salon! Outside, I told (yelled, to be honest) at him that no matter what, he had a God-given responsibility to love his wife to the end, no matter what trouble was in their relationship. I went back into the salon and asked God to forgive him. I didn't know their history, nor was it any of my business except to pray for both of them. She had only a few months left, and here her husband couldn't wait to get rid of her?! Normally, I wouldn't mention something like this in a blog, but it seemed to me to be the perfect experience to set up the love, commitment and just plain devotion most families have for each other showing the opposite of what this one man was like.

It is well known throughout our community that

You have 6 months to live, Get your affairs in order

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As our Facebook family knows, we at AJ's Wigs work primarily with cancer patients, and sometimes, during consultations, we meet someone who has been told by their doctors the above words in the title. We rely on our doctors to guide us through this journey. We look to them to help us and heal us. When we hear the above words, one cannot help but think... “We can put a man on the moon, but you cannot save my life.”

A few years ago, a beautiful woman in her early 40's walked into AJ's Wigs with her sister. She was bitter,

The Emotion of Donating Your Hair

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Many of you have heard that there is a shortage of human hair which drives up the cost of human hair wigs. Its a simple matter of the business equation of supply and demand. In years past, wig makers have gotten hair from many sources, including nun’s and monks, who grew out their hair , cut it and donated it for a small fee to help bring income into the monastery or church.Hair for profit so to speak . In fact, many of the monks in Europe still do it which is how they fund things...

Can I Exercise When I Have Cancer? … A delicate subject.

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As with anything, you should always consult your oncologist or team before doing anything different. When i was a horse trainer on a breeding farm in Millbrook, NY, our breeding manager always insisted to my staff, that all broodmares should be kept in top shape for an easier birth. So i would have my staff lightly exercise the mares right up until date of birth.

The Male Hair Loss Revolution

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Bald is sexy, bald is beautiful…. We have all heard this haven’t we? When I was young, I had hair that most men and women would die for. It was bright red, with a slight beautiful curl, thick, luxurious and the envy of all my friends in highschool and college. Women would come up to me in the mall and tell me i had beautiful hair and asked me if my red was natural or did i color it. I was not the model type, if you know what i mean in the looks department, so my hair was everything to me.

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