Showroom and showroom pricing

10 Reasons you will Love Gettin Golden Hair and AJ's Wigs

  1. Call Now And Speak To A Real Person - You will talk to a knowledgeable person from our staff when you call to ask questions or schedule your appointment. You will only get a machine if the salon is closed or both lines are in use.
  2. Fair and Honest Pricing - No gimmicks, no hidden costs, from your customized color to your customized cut to any personalized treatments necessary; we will be upfront with what you need and how to accomplish your look. We offer several different services and each is priced based on an estimated amount of time and materials used to obtain your perfect look.
  3. Two Way Open Communication - You will be very happy to find that we are big on communication. Not only will we share all “to do” what you desire about your look, but also we realize your appointment is about YOU so take the time to discuss what YOU want prior to any service.
  4. Service You Can Measure - You get the best service ever through excellent communications coupled with a determination to make you happy all in a calm laid back atmosphere. You are always treated like you are our only client.
  5. See Before You Receive - We are not only the Best Full-Service Hair Salon in the Area we are the Premier Full Service Wig salon as well our stylist can and will use our over 450 wigs in stock to discuss your cut and even your color, take a chance try that new look before you agree.
  6. Licensed, Skilled, Experienced Professionals - This means you get the highest quality work performed. Our continued extensive training and education of techniques, products, and skills gives you superior service.
  7. Insider Secrets-Revealed - We promise to share our most guarded secrets with you when you become a client. Keep your look between visits, using recommended products and our secret styling tips.
  8. Specialized Services and Products - Cuts, Styling, Color, Perms, Corrective Work, Highlights, Lowlights, Waxing, Scalp Massage and treatments, Professional Hair Products, and Professional Cosmetics all under one roof for explicitly for your convenience. Specializing in problematic and thinning hair.
  9. Never Get That “In-Between Look” Again - We will not only set you up in a program that will let you know exactly when you need to be serviced again we will book it THAT DAY, so you are assured your continued successful look.
  10. 100% Money Back Guarantee - That is exactly what I mean when I tell you, “The Best Service Ever, Or It’s Free!” I will bend over backward to make you happy or you don’t pay, all we ask is to give us the chance to prove it, you communicate we will change and adapt to what you are looking for!
The upfront answer would be because you recieve one on one attention that you just can not receive online. Receiving the expertise of one of our trained staff is invaluable. The finer print is that it is overhead and a paid staff and we carry some exclusive "pro" lines from the same companies that allow sells online. A pro-line cannot be purchased online.

With that being said we do make every effort to lower the cost in store by always offering a minimum of a 30% to 50% discount on any second wig, we find most people that wear wigs and top pieces will purchase 2, not only do you save money but you extend the life of the wigs by alternating their wear. Example online you can purchase a certain medical grade wig for $600.00; In the showroom, we retail the same piece for $720.00, however with a second one discounted it would be $594.00 each and you still get our care and expertise. Further, there are certain things that we do in-store such as custom cutting, custom fitting, education, repairs, free wig racks etc. that also could cost upwards of 220.00 or more.