How do I take care of my wig?

Posted by Jonathan on 3/2/2016 to Wig Care

Congratulations on your recent wig purchase from AJ's Wigs. Please remember that all sales are final, yet our promise to you is that we will always do our best in making sure you are 100% happy with your purchase.

General Instructions:

The first thing you need to remember is that if you have purchased a synthetic wig, that synthetic is made of fiber. So just like a sweater, you must treat it delicately.
1) Do not tease it or use any styling aid like a small toothed comb
2) Do not get your wig near any sort of sudden bursts of heat, such as a stove, oven, BBQ, fire pit , hair dryer,curling iron, straightening iron, blow dryer etc.
3) Do not use "over the counter" cheap shampoo's and conditioners. It is best to use a Wig shampoo that we have recommended or a professional brand shampoo that has low (to no) sulfates, alcohols or synthetic chemicals.
4) You should wash your wig once every 10 - 14 wearings if you are wearing it more than 4 hours per day. Otherwise, washing it every 2 - 3 weeks is okay.

How to wash a wig

1) Gently brush wig or hair piece to remove tangles
2) Add one teaspoon of specifically formulated wig shampoo to two quartz of cold to lukewarm water.
3) Soak 3-10 minutes then gently take wig and go up and down in water (no rubbing)
4) Rinse thoroughly in cold to lukewarm water

How to condition a wig

Because your wig is made primarily of fiber, the best way to condition your wig is to soak it in a fabric softener. Using a professional condition works just as well if you don't want to use fabric softener. Soak your wig in the conditioner or softener for 10 minutes.

How to dry your wig

1) Lay a towel out onto hard surface and lay wig across towel. Roll wig into the towel and pat or press extra water out of wig.
2) Once all extra moisture is out, gently shake the wig and place it onto your wig stand, and style it with your fingers. We find that the best styling tool is your fingers.
3) Remember, most synthetic wigs are memory fiber and once finger styled, should bounce back into the style or shape
4) Once your wig is totally dry, lightly finger style again and spray lightly with a non-alcoholic spray, preferably a sugar based hair spray such as ONESTA.

Special Note.... Please remember, even though you have a wig, you still have to keep your scalp cleansed and conditioned once you lose your hair. This will help your hair grow back at a healthy and faster rate. We, at AJ's Wigs, highly recommend The Bosley system. This system will keep your scalp loose and cleansed of all salt and oil deposits that can clog your follicles and restores health back from the damage chemotherapy(or mother nature) can do..