Heathers corner.. weight management during cancer treatments

Posted by Jonathan on 7/14/2016 to Health
Heathers corner.. weight management during cancer treatments


Heather Taylor is a licensed dietitian with over 16 years of experience in nutrition and lifestyle therapy. She has her own private practice in NH called Eat Well and Beyond. Her focus is in functional medicine and precision nutrition. She understands biochemical individuality and the need for a more holistic approach to healing and overall health.

Maintaining your weight and strength during Cancer treatments is vitally important to the success of many things such as your bodies acceptance, weight gain or loss and a general sense of how you feel during treatments.

Weight Management should include nutrient rich foods that are well tolerated without adding toxicity and blood sugar spikes. Eat small amounts as tolerated. Fruit and vegetable smoothies with added nuts/seeds, and low sugar protein supplementation are easy on digestion and you can sip them! Large meals with high fat and high sugar should be avoided( as they can cause a sluggish feeling). With some treatments, your doctor will say "eat as much as you want".... This is usually stated with treatments which cause weight loss, but just make sure your eating"as much as you want" of the right things that will allow your body to feel good, full of energy and strength.

And remember to refer to my suggestions I previously stated about "helping with Nausea/vomiting" (scroll down to my Heathers corner). One thing i want you all to remember is, that Cancer is... BIO-INDIVIDUAL.And always check with your doctor about your individual needs during treatment's.

Next week, I will be supplying a list of "SUPPORT MEAL SUPPLEMENTS...Up next on HEATHER'S CORNER