Funny wig stories

Posted by jonathan on 1/26/2017 to News

I thought id start the year’s blogs off on a light note. Last year, we did 35 blogs, some of which were picked up nationally but were of a serious subject’s. So let’s start off on a light note this year.

Story #1).. Client comes in with her husband for a “play” wig. When we asked if she was going through treatments, her husband answered, No, she isn’t, but I have always wanted to be with a blond and she doesn’t want to color her long hair. Well, her eye went to one of our more expensive wig’s in the salon and we told her that the wig was $3200, (it was Brazilian hair human hair). She insisted without batting an eye, to try it on even though we pointed her to a similar synthetic wig which was similar but ¼ of the cost. Five minutes later, she got up and said she would take it.

She got to the register and whipped out her credit card. I looked at her husband and his mouth was wide open and eyes looked like a deer in the head lights. We whispered to her...”Are you sure you don’t want the less expensive version of this wig, he looks upset? She said “heck no, if he wants to be with a blond, he’s going to pay for it”. She proudly walked out with a $3,200 wig. About a year later, she came back without her husband and said, “now he wants to sleep with a red head”.. well, we don't need to tell you what she walked out with!!!!!

Story 2) Bob was running a bit late due to an accident on route 3/28, so he called and asked me to start his 1:00 pm appointment. She had a scarf on her head so I thought she had lost her hair due to chemotherapy. I brought her and her new wig into the wig room and she took off the scarf. I looked down and I saw BRAINS. Yes, brains. She had brain surgery and they had left a clear cap which was flexible due to swelling. Well, needless to say, I fainted dead on the floor and woke up moments later.

Story 3) One of our clients invited us to tea and “crumpet’s one Sunday afternoon to show us her new condo. She had been coming to us for almost 30 years. We walked in to a beautifully decorated condo which she designed. During the tour, she opened this closet door. A huge walk in closet with shelf after shelf of perfectly placed wigs. There had to be at least 150 wigs in her closet. They were all labeled, dated and named. Each was styled perfectly and the mannequin’s actually had make-up and eye lashes.

Story 4) We got a notice in the mail, more of an invite, to attend a clients memorial service for her Wig she had for 5 years. Followed by an invitation to a party for her new wig.

Story#5) We got a walk in one day from a women from NYC. She was visiting her sister near by. She looked familiar to us and when we asked her if she had been here before, she said several years earlier, she purchased a long human hair from us. She went on to tell us that she had written a story about her wig and the adventures of the wig and it won several awards and was even on the NYC story circuit. We stood there trying to keep a straight face as she described what she had written about about the wig adventures, but then realized what a fantastic imagination she had and we ended up being honored that one of our wigs won awards…

Story#6) Client was in to purchase a new wig, and she asked if they (the wigs) came off easily. She kept on asking this question over and over again. Finally, we asked her why she kept asking the same question, and she said this “ Im asking because a few years ago, I was riding my motorcycle and the women in front of me had her sunroof open and all of a sudden, this thing flew out her sun roof and hit me in the face. I stopped on the side of the road and on my jacket was a wig. Just then, the women who lost the wig came back and screamed at me, give me back my wig before someone see’s me without hair. I held out her wig and she grabbed it and put it back on. She looked at me and burst into gales of laughter. She and I have been best friends ever since.

Story#7) We got a call one day from a black women who wanted to know if we did extensions or weaves, but she wanted to make sure that we were “experienced” in attachment. She explained “ I teach high school students. On the second day of school, my kinky twist came out of my head and rolled down my sleeve onto the floor. Now I must mention that about 85% of my students are White and uneducated about black hair. I picked it up and popped it into my trash can by my desk. I look up and one of my students is raising her hand. When I called on her, she asked "Ummm does Black people's hair usually just fall out like that? And why aren't you worried?!" I burst out laughing! I mean, tears were coming down my eyes. I had to spend the next 12 minutes explaining weaves, wigs, braids, sew-ins, and washing not happening every day

Story # 8) One of our clients came in and told us this funny story…...”   a few of my friends decided to go out to Applebees and celebrate a close friend passing the state board for her massage license. Before our food got there my bf asked me to go to the washroom with her and I obliged. Seems that they just mopped the floor and hadn't put up the "wet floor sign" needless to say I tripped and busted my arse. Mel, my friend, tried to brace my fall but instead of grabbing my shirt she ended up grabbing the end of my wig and it flew right up, so here I am on the floor and she's holding my wig in shock all the people in the booths were cracking up laughing  . I COULD HAVE DIED! Out of nowhere the teenage kid pops up with the sign. The manager must have heard the commotion and came over and offered to comp our meal. I declined and high tailed it out of there. The "friends" I were with graciously took him up on his offer.

Story # 9) Another client came in fresh from a boyance concert and explained that during one of the famous singers dramatic moments, she went to near one of the stages large fans that was meant to have her hair blow like she was in the wind, and her wig got caught in the fan and ripped off her head shredding hair all over the stage. But like a pro, she just continued on without missing a beat.