The Monofilament top

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The Monofilament top

This cap features monofilament in the top area and a 100% hand tied base, resulting in the most natural looking hair movement for the entire wig and the versatility of amazing off-the-face styling. In (Figure #2) are three examples of a monofilament top.

From left to right...

What Not to Say to Someone with Cancer

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What Not to Say to Someone with Cancer

Let me start by saying to all you family and friends out there who find out that your loved one has cancer.... your not alone!!! 45 million new cases of cancer pop up every year. That's right, 45 million, which is a lot of people who don't know what to say to their loved one. The most important thing you can do is mention the situation in some way that feels comfortable for you. You can show interest and concern, you can express encouragement, and/or you can offer support. Sometimes the simplest expressions of concern is the most meaningful. And sometimes just listening is the most helpful thing you can do. Remember the old saying “big ears small mouth” When in doubt, respond to the news from your heart.

How is a Wig Made?

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As we have talked before in a previous blog (history of wigs),A wig is a head covering made from human, animal or synthetic fiber. The word wig is short for periwig and first appeared in the English language around 1675. Some people wear wigs to disguise baldness; a wig may be used as a less intrusive and less expensive alternative to medical therapies for restoring hair. Wigs may also be used as an article of apparel, or to fulfill a religious obligation. Actors often wear costume wigs in order to portray characters. There are two methods of attaching hair to wigs. The first and

History of Wigs

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We can trace the earliest use of Wigs to ancient Egypt .In Egyptian society men and women commonly had clean shaven or close cropped hair and often wore wigs. The ancient Egyptians created the wig to shield shaved, hairless heads from the hot desert sun. They also wore the wigs on top of their hair using bees wax to keep the wigs in place. Wealthy Egyptian would wear elaborate wigs and scented cones of animal fat on top of their wigs. Other ancient cultures, including the Assyrians Phoenicians, Jews in ancient Israel,Greeks and...

SURPRISE...SURPRISE.... SURPRISE...Things about cancer that will surprise everyone

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SURPRISE...SURPRISE.... SURPRISE...Things about cancer that will surprise everyone

I am entitling this blog surprise because what we think is healthy to our bodies isn't always the case, such as working out regularly. Did you know that working out regularly produces estrogen, a known cause of breast cancer? Did you also know that being over weight is also a known cause of breast cancer and stomach Cancer?

How about foods that you thought were healthy such as green bananas, rolled oats, and white beans. Or how about something simple like


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1) Tired of spending 45 minutes in the morning on your hair to get that perfect look?

Oh lord, Not again

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Oh lord, Not again

Oh LORD Not Again

(A personal story)

Most of us deal with things in our own way, some outwardly and some inwardly. Some of us get mad and emotional, some of us get cold and silent. And yet the results are often the same as we are human and always want to feel like there is a higher power up there that is not only listening, but loves us with all his heart. There are many things we do not understand in life, even us expert's like our staff at AJ's Wigs. As much as we deal with cancer every day, sometimes I find myself asking, Oh God, why?

As all of you know by now, the owner of Aj's Wigs has battled cancer for almost 13 years. For 6 years, Bob battled Colon and testicular cancer and when he

What are the differences of home color verses professional color?

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Ahhhh, you see a women in a store, better yet, the parking lot of the grocery store. A gentle wind blows her hair and her shimmering locks are aglow with shine, health, and beautiful highlights. You get home, unload your groceries, and on the counter sits a $7.00 box of home color with the big words on the front of the box: shimmer... shine, luster and ammonia free. After all, you stood in the color isle at the store for almost 15 minutes looking at hundreds of boxes trying to match your color.

But before we talk about anything else, let's talk about the “monster in the room”. Cost/budget/money. Stating the obvious, there are a lot of people who cannot afford to go to the salon and pay $50-$100.00 for a cut and color. Now, the real monster is that the average family goes out to dinner at least once or twice a week. They save money for vacation and college tuition's, and even go out to night clubs, buys new shoes, new shirts and pants, and on and on. Yet very few women have beauty budgets for themselves. But there sits the $7.00-$12.00 box of home color guaranteeing professional results.

Over my career as a color specialist and stylist, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars learning to give each and every client the results each box guarantee's, and yet still, I'm not always perfect all of the time

Wig Obsession

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With fashion wigs coming back fast and furious into fashion, we find ourselves, as New England's largest medical grade wig salon, having to add fashion wigs to our already large selection of wigs. But why?

I know that my mom, grandmother and aunts all used to wear wigs in the 1960's and 70's. We used to make fun of them. We would even take their wigs and run around the house with my dad, wearing them, laughing and joking around. But with fashion pieces coming back in huge popularity, I have to ask myself an important question: Were the ladies in my family so crazy, so vain as to wear a wig out in public rather than go out in public "au naturale"?

How do I take care of my wig?

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The first thing you need to remember is that if you have purchased a synthetic wig, that synthetic is made of fiber. So just like a sweater, you must treat it delicately...

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