Beware of Counterfeit Wig Websites

Posted by Jonathan on 4/16/2016 to News

Counterfeit Wigs Abound on the Internet

Please be aware that there are many websites selling counterfeit wigs of inferior quality. As far as we can tell, these sites are all based in China. Many women are enticed by the seemingly very low prices, and do not realize what they are getting until the shoddy merchandise arrives. We Americans care about not only price, but quality as well and when we don't get that quality, with these sites, it's too late.

In an effort to exploit our trusted reputation, We are AJ'SWigs(Our physical Store) with our website being named... . We are lucky that we have not been hit yet and have the best “firewall's” available against hackers, but many site have been hit and hundreds of thousands of customer's have been cheated out of quality and money. Let me give you an example of sites that take a legitimate name and basically steal the site by changing one or 2 letters and numbers so that the eye doesn't recognize that it is a fake site. I'm using our website as an example... it might read.. http// So, tell me, what is missing?If you recognized that the colon and the dash is present, you are correct. Another example : Now, what is missing? If you said the I in wigs, again, you are correct. Yes at first glance in the excitement in looking at wigs and products on line, you forgot to see the exact name that you are matching.

What you can expect if you order a Chinese wig knock-off:

  1. The synthetic or human hair is not of good quality. Just like diamonds, human hair is graded and you , I promise, are getting the lowest grade at high grade prices with these websites. Now, take human hair. It looks like human hair, it feels like human hair, but then you go to perm or highlight or color it, and the hair disintegrates. This happens because they used a low quality human hair and mixed in 50% synthetic hair . It appears dry and the colors are not exact. The workmanship is shoddy. The stitching is backwards.
    2. These wigs are not made from exact specifications - they are made based on a photograph. Therefore the measurements are imprecise, at best.
    3. It is very difficult to get these sites to accept a return. You will not even be able to return your wig unless you pay high shipping costs back to China. International; law on returns are a bit different then Americans law.
    4. Many of these sites post fake reviews to create the illusion of customer satisfaction.
    5. It will take two to three weeks for your wig to arrive, because of the long distance in shipping.

  2. They might also have photo's of celebrities that they say are wearing their wigs, wrong wrong wrong. Celebrities have exclusive rights to all photo's of them and unless given specific permission to use these photo's, it's illegal.

STOPHere is a list of the Chinese websites we have discovered that are selling counterfeit wigs. We will continue to add to it.

Below are more sites., as a result of their customers complaints, has listed these as companies you should also avoid! Note that they also list as a scam site.

Some of these websites have a name similar to ours and have been advertising to purposely create an association with legitimate when there is none.

We are AJ'SWig of Hooksett, NH. Our phone number is 603-666-4555 and our website is with our twitter name AjsWigs1. We are on Facebook as Ajwigs (Hooksett NH).Our email is.... [email protected]

Actions you can take if you purchased a counterfeit wig:

Contact the company via email and tell them (in writing) that the merchandise is "not as pictured" or not the quality you ordered. When they inform you that you will have to pay return shipping to China,(which can be more then you paid for the wig) contact your credit card company and tell them you received "counterfeit merchandise" and you want to file a "chargeback" because the merchandise is "not as described" and the company is charging you an excessive amount to return.

Now, Charge backs can be very tricky as most companies, even these fake sites, state that all sales are final so you have to have proof with your credit card, so,Send your credit card company a link to this page! Also, have any and all email correspondents.

Hope this helps,

AJ's Wigs